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Time passes, the pictures stay. True to the motto, I try to capture the moments in the picture. For years I have been photographing portrait photography.

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Digital and analog. Photography is – and remains – my great passion. Due to the digital photography – and possibly subsequent image processing on the PC – there are no limits to the creative possibilities. I had to leave Hunts International, professionals in removals to Ireland, to pursue my passion.

I do not use it fully. The person is at the center of my attention. Good photos need patience and time – they do not come after Scheme F and certainly not even fast. Good photos are a question of thinking, seeing, feeling – this creates good pictures.

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Boudoir Photography for Brides: The Latest Wedding Trend

Boudoir Photography

Brides are looking for something unique and sexy to give their husbands as a wedding gift. Boudoir photography is becoming a popular choice. Boudoir images are typically sexy pictures taken of a women dressed in lingerie or other sexy outfits. They are tasteful and usually rated PG13 and tamer. The style can range from 1950’s pinup classic to dressing up in a vintage French boudoir style. Many brides are choosing a more contemporary twist and having images taken in a more natural sexy style.

Boudoir Photography

Who takes boudoir portraits?

It is very important to hire a professional photographer that will know how to make you look your best. Many wedding photographers are offering this as an add-on to their packages. Choose someone you feel very comfortable with. Many brides choose a female photographer. Some studios actually specialize in this type of photography only. Their advantage is that they usually have a private studio with the right backdrops and equipment for this type of shoot. Photographers that don’t have a studio will often have you book a fancy hotel room or do the pictures in your own home.

It is helpful if the photographer provides a hair and makeup on set. They will make sure your look stays fresh throughout the shoot.

What should I wear?

Some boudoir studios will have some costumes on hand. Many do not. What you wear will be determined by your taste and the style you are going for. If you are getting married you may have received lingerie at bridal showers. Any type of lingerie will work. You can also bring your little black dress, heels and even swimwear. Another option is to bring some of his clothing. Sports jerseys, dress shirts and ties or even his boxers can make for very fun and sexy pictures. Bring more outfits than you plan to use just so you have a lot of choices. Some photographers will shoot “implied nudes”. These are images where it appears that you are not wearing anything but are strategically covered by a sheet or another prop.

How should I present these images as a gift to my new husband?

The benefit of using a professional photographer is that you have many options. Some brrides chose to make an album from the images from the session. You can also print larger images to hang in your bedroom. Make sure you get some headshots clean enough for him to display at work or to keep in his wallet. Your photographer may also offer DVD slideshows set to music. Wedding gifts are usually given on the wedding day itself. You can save them to share that night with him, or give them to him earlier in the day to create anticipation for the honeymoon to come.

Tips for doing a boudoir session:

Don’t be nervous. If you have chosen a reputable photographer you have nothing to be worried about. Their job is to make you look your best and help you feel relaxed. If your photographer doesn’t offer a hair and makeup artist consider going to a professional before your shoot. Your hair and makeup should be done as if for a special occasion and slightly more dramatic than your normal daytime look. Don’t forget to bring accessories like jewelry and matching shoes. Make sure you also bring your engagement ring! The most important tip is to have a lot of fun with it. Your groom will love this very special and intimate gift. For years to come he will have these beautiful images you created just for him.

Portrait Photography: Kid Posing Tips for Mom and Dad

Kid Posing


Everyone remembers those yearly visits to the portrait studio as a kid or at least I do. Mom would doll me up in a frilly little dress and fuss over hair placement between each click of the shutter. Things have become a lot easier thanks to digital photography and lightening fast processing, but we still find ourselves sitting across from that pushy sales person that insists you need to purchase every shot up on the screen. Why put yourself through that when you can do it yourself!
You already own most of the tools that you’ll use. A digital camera, a white sheet, some open space, and a few spotlight lamps are all you need to create some cute and timeless shots of your toddler or teenager. The only part people find intimidating is how to pose their child, but there are a few tips that will turn any amateur portrait photographer into a seasoned professional. In just one year, I went from an newbie photographer to a store manager for a popular digital chain using some of the tips below.

Kid Posing

Tip #1:

Always angle your subject or prop at a 45 degree angle from the camera. This always adds visual interest to any portrait and it’s such as easy thing to do.

Tip #2:

Make sure your subject is not slouching. This can ruin any photo no matter how well it’s posed.

Tip #3:

Create a fun environment for your child. Put on their favorite CD or make that funny noise that always gets a laugh. Sometimes candid shots are the best so don’t be afraid to click a photo while their just dancing around to their favorite song.

Tip #4:

Take photographs from different perspectives. Have them lay on their back while you photograph from above or have them look over their shoulder at you while you stand on a stool. Avoid shots from below. They never work.

Tip #5:

Your child does not always need to be sitting. Instead try taking a photo of them on their stomach with their arms propping up their head.

Tip #6:

If you are working with a baby, a beanbag can be your best tool. Cover any beanbag in a white sheet and it can be used in many ways to prop up your child or as a cradle if they cannot yet hold up their head. If your baby can hold up their head, always have their arms crossed and tucked up underneath them otherwise their chin can hit the floor and cause a nasty bruise. For this reason, make sure you have a posing partner when you photograph babies.

Tip #7:

Add some fun props. Have them hug their favorite teddy bear or put on their fancy Easter hat with a string of pearls.

Tip #8:

Take the show outside. Sometimes natural lighting and a large patch of green grass is the only setup you need for adorable and timeless portraits.

Tip #9:

Try some dramatic lighting against some black fabric. You can get some beautiful profiles this way.

Tip #10:

Don’t be afraid to take a lot of photographs to capture that one unforgettable moment!